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what ableism is

  • actively making fun of disabled people
  • deliberately triggering someone’s mental illnesses (such as doing something to mess with their ocd, or trying to trigger a mood swing if they’re bipolar, trying to trigger a breakdown if they have anxiety issues)
  • asking a disabled person to do something they obviously can’t for the sake of humor and cheap laughs
  • using them as the butt of a joke

what ableism isn’t

  • a teenager calling someone on the internet stupid


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there was a cute cashier with blue green hair and a nice smile at the grocery store who laughed at my drawing of aliens and said it was cool and told me he drew his own tattoos

i am in love

—Philip K. Dick  (via vlzi)

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—Richard Siken, from Straw House, Straw Dog (via hoodrathallelujah)

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